Why Is It So Hard To Trust?

  I am often asked, “Why is it so hard to trust?”  I really don’t know how to answer that question except to go to the basic root of every decision we make.  We do what we do because, in every moment, of every decision, it is what we want most.  This is often hard for people to accept.  Feelings of guilt or remorse over consequences stemming from past decisions, try to inform our minds with reasoning's that are patently untrue.

   For example, we think, “I couldn’t help myself,” or  “I didn’t mean it, or” I hate what I do but I can’t seem to stop.”  There are an infinite number of reasoning's used that we might find either justification or rationalization for things we have done, or are considering to do.  Fundamentally, however, we always in every moment, do exactly what we want to do the most.  Temptations are designed by the evil one to entice desires to such an extent that they will suppress any other inclination to do what is right.  It is for this reason that doing right is often harder to do.  We must reel in those desires and feelings, and set our minds upon the truth, evaluate the reality that God’s way is infinitely better than all other options, and trust in Him regardless of feelings or desires that clamor for our choices.

   This is why the gospel is so wonderful.  It goes beyond forgiveness of sin.  It is the power of God to save us from ourselves, from the evil influences of the world, and to conquer the impulses and desires that were common in our experience before meeting Jesus.  The essence of true conversion, is the fact that our deepest desires are our most fundamental affections.