Tithe and Stewardship

 I am going to introduce a topical sermon series for a few weeks.  The topic is stewardship.  For many, the topic says money.  The preacher is going to talk about money.  Oh boy!

   First, let me say that the elders and governing board of our church have suggested that I do so for a long time.  Second, it is the second most talked about subject in the Bible, and the topic Jesus addressed often.  Sixteen of the thirty-eight parables deal with money and possessions.  In the gospels, one in ten verses deal directly with the subject of money. (Interestingly, one-tenth of the gospels talks of money; did God tithe a tenth on the subject?)

There are 2,359 verses devoted to the subject of money, wealth and how to use it.  Compare that to 500 verses on faith and prayer.

   The issue is important because there are two things left that measure a person’s heart: money and time.  When an accounting of how anyone spends time and money is done, there will be an accurate description of what that person believes to be the ultimate.  Stewardship, in reality, ought to preached as often as any other topic, if not more so, of we use the Bible as our inspiration. 

   I am also keenly aware that most of the people in this church are being faithful here.  The generosity of this church is amazing.  For the size of this church, our offering to the work here, to missions, relief and benevolence has always been evident.  So this series is to encourage the faithful and to challenge any and all who have yet to put their full confidence in God’s promises. 

   Please pray that the Kingdom will advance and the future of our faith family will thrive.