"Singing and Making Melody in your heart to the Lord..." Ephesians 5: 19

 Music is an amazing thing.  We all enjoy it.  Some are good at making it, some are more than amazing when writing and preforming.  We all appreciate it, in one form or another. 

   I overheard someone in our Sunday School class last week mention that humans are the only “animal” that can distinguish and produce harmonies in their songs.  I think that’s what was said.  Anyway, music is certainly one of the attributes God gave us in our creation, that we can use it to worship Him and express truth and teaching to one another and future generations.

   Paul said that when we are filled with the Spirit of God that one of the expressions of that dynamic, is “singing to one another in psalms, hymns and spiritual songs making melody in our hearts to God.”  It is a way of encouraging, instructing, and even warning one another of things to come.  We can teach doctrine, we can express the attributes of God and we can testify of the salvation given to us in Christ through music.   

   Music is equally destructive.  False ideas, sinful and debase lyrics can lead the heart and mind astray.  Part of the warfare in this world is encased in music.  No wonder, however, as Lucifer was likely the chief worship leader in heaven until he desired songs for himself. 

   I write this to encourage you to listen, play, and sing music, but do so with music that is edifying, truthful and glorifying to God.  I’m not talking about genre.  I am talking about content that lifts the mind and spirit to goodness and life.  Above all, worship long, loud and forever!