Time...A Precious Commodity

  “Making the most of every opportunity, for the days are evil.”  So wrote Paul in Ephesians.  The KJV says, “Redeeming the time.”  Time is a most sacred and awesome gift.  Regardless of how we define it, measure it, or even know what it is, it is precious.  The temptation to and opportunities to squander it away are all around us.  Even the ancient literature of Proverbs indicates that foolish people squandered time and opportunity long before the invention of electronics and sports teams.

   We are approaching the Fall, days are getting shorter and temperatures are cooling.  Storms will increase making outdoor activities more challenging.  We must not push off essential things before it is proper to do so.  We must still picnic, kayak, BBQ with people, as long as we can engage folks in time together.  And that is the key, time together.

   To redeem the time is far more than time management.  There are two words for time in the New Testament.  “Chronos” has to do with time as we usually think of it.  We get the words chronological and chronometer or chronograph from this word.  The other word is “kairos”, which has to do with quality, the kind of time that transpires.  “Kairos” looks to the usefulness of time to enhance life's’ quality.  So our time increases in quality when it is used to learn, to plan, to be with people, to observe and to think.

   I pray that this season of the year will be filled not with activity or busyness, but with purposeful time invested in good reading, long and fruitful conversations, with gospel sharing and intentional prayer.  Let’s use the change in season to bring good changes to our own lives.