As Summer winds down...

 We had a great time at the last picnic at Centennial Park.  Though it was hot, we were able to pass out some Bible tracts and had multiple conversations with people regarding their faith in God.  Pray for those seeds to flourish into faithful believers.

   The “Summer Serve” put on by the Twin Falls Reformed Church had many people involved and engaged in interaction with the neighborhood near our church.  Thank you to those of you who were able to participate with TFRC.  May the Lord bring blessing and glory to His Name through this event. 

   Family camp is coming up Labor Day Weekend at YAA near Bozeman.  Plan to come, whether you have a family or are by yourself.  The camp is geared for people of all ages.  The cost is suggested, but by donation, so if you are short on cash you can still come.  There is archery, a zip line, gun range, canoeing, hiking, grass games and great food.  Again, even if you are on your own, there is plenty to do and people to spend time with.  It is also a must for families as kids will have a blast, and so will Mom and Dad.

   As the summer is winding down, let us keep going strong in the proclamation of the Good News. 

  God bless each one this Lord’s Day.