Spiritual Perfection

Last time I wrote about the spiritual warfare that has been hitting our church hard of late.  While I certainly believe this to be true, as there is never a truce in the war of good vs evil, my lovely wife reminded me that this is also a time of spiritual purification.  She is right on.

   The goal of God is our perfection in Christ.  Romans 8:32 clearly tells us that God’s predetermined plan is aimed at conforming His people into the image of Jesus His Son.  He is perfection.  That is God’s aim, to purify us to be a people of His possession, fit for the age to come.  We either resist the process in self-centered unbelief or we surrender in absolute truth to Him who is able to establish us in the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

   The late Dr. Tim Owen, who served as our District Superintendent some years ago said, “God is good.  But even if He wasn’t, what could you do about it?”  Wow, am I ever glad that God is good, good all the time!  He is revealed to us as gracious, compassionate, slow to anger and abounding in loving kindness.  Yes, He is holy, righteous, ultimate in power and authority.  He could send us to the fiery hell we actually deserve in a split second.  He does not because He is exceedingly good, long suffering and gentle.

   So while we experience the onslaught of the devil’s disdain toward God and us, let us set our sights on Jesus.  Let us yield to the process and let Him make us into the people we are meant to be.