Time Is Running Out.....

By the time you are reading this, our team will be at the gate ready to board our flight which will be the first leg of the longest day of the year for us.  No, not June 20th, but July 15th.  We will, Lord willing, be airborne at 1:05 am, Cebu time, and arrive in Boise at 5:50 pm.  The total time, including layovers is 30 hours and 50 minutes.  That’s a long day indeed. 

   It might seem like our days are long, that time itself will meander along at a snails pace, but the truth is, it goes so quickly and without careful and intentional living; it escapes us and we are left with regrets.  The opportunity to make the most of our time will be missed if we don’t take care to be deliberate and intentional.  The people we should have spoken to about Christ, or the loving affirmations to spouses or children, notes of thanks and acknowledgement to those who have contributed to our lives.  The opportunities fly by and unless acted upon in a timely manner, these opportunities will escape us and many “would have, could have, should have” will be lost forever.

   We trust our time in Cebu will have been well invested.  We are grateful to you who intentionally prayed for us.  You share equally in this endeavor by your generosity and prayers.  God’s distribution day will include you with us and together we shall return any and all rewards to the One who gave us His life and redeemed ours from eternal destruction.

   So as you pray for our safe return, may you also give thanks to God.  And remember, redeem your time wisely, it is running out.