Is Your Maintenance Light On?

As I write this today, my pickup is being serviced.  After 10,000 miles, it is due for an oil change, tire rotation and inspection.  I’ve known it needed this maintenance because at 5,000 miles intervals a maintenance light comes on to inform me that it is time.  Frankly, I am glad for that reminder because with newer cars, maintenance schedules are further apart and easier to forget.

   Changing the oil is a critical part of the maintenance program.  Oil is the life blood of a car engine.  It lubricates and protects all the moving parts to minimize friction and wear which would destroy the engine if neglected.  Oil has amazing properties that keep things running smooth, cool and prolongs life.  I’m sure you know where I am going with this.

   The Holy Spirit is symbolized in the Bible by oil.  Oil in the ancient near east was as essential to life then, as motor oil Is to the life of a car engine.  Oil was used for medical purposes, for cooking, for comfort and cosmetic uses, and for ceremonial purposes as well.  The priests were anointed with oil to designate them as the leaders of the people.  The very word Messiah means “anointed one” and in Jesus’ case, He was anointed by the Holy Spirit Himself, not just a symbolic anointing with oil.

   Oil, as a type of the Holy Spirit, is revealed all through the Bible.  We are in desperate need of the Holy Spirit every day of our lives.  Our problem is that we don’t’ pay attention to the maintenance required lights that are built into us.  These lights blaze when we are in conflict with believers, when temptation becomes unbearable, when we lack compassion for lost people and fail to share Christ with the lost.  In these times, we need to go to the great mechanic and seek renewed oil and be tuned up to God’s purposes, not the world.

   Check to see if your maintenance light is on and go to Christ to be renewed in Him.  Otherwise, you might suffer breakdown that is beyond repair.