Let Freedom Ring

Independence Day is upon us. What a privilege we have had as a nation on this earth and for all reading this, to have been granted the blessings we have had living in America. We simply cannot appreciate fully what we have been given in terms of liberty and opportunity that our God has given us through this social order called the United States. May we give God thanks in all things, and on this particular holiday, thanks for liberty afforded us.

There are a team of our congregation that will be missing the fireworks this year as we wing our way to the Philippines on July 4th. We will be mindful of the beauty and the richness of our country as we arrive in a very different place, Cebu, Philippines. Cebu has many natural beauties as well. They have beautiful people that are radiant in their smiles and very accepting of us while we are visiting.

Please pray for God’s leading in our visitation schedule, trusting for each visit to be by God’s design for divine appointment. Pray for boldness and sensitivity in encouraging the believers there to open up about their faith and to be empowered by the Holy Spirit, as they share. Pray for receptive hearts and for effective follow-up so that the seeds planted can be nurtured into fully fruitful believers as well.

We ask you to pray for health needs as we are not as young as we use to be. The temperatures and humidity can be oppressive. May God give strength to endure with joy and grace.

Finally, know that as senders, you share equally in blessings that will take place. God knows your efforts and sacrifices in making this short ministry possible.

Thank you and God bless you.