How Is Your Computer?

 My computer is old.  It has no real bells and whistles.  Just some word processing and email stuff is about all it’s good for.  It functions well enough, but it does get slower and slower with age.  Hum.

   I do have one free software called CCleaner.  It is a program that goes through the file system cleaning the registry and wipes out old files, identifies files that are obsolete, and clears the cache.  The purpose is to get stuff out of the way so that the CPU has less to wade through as the computer responds to commands and performs its functions.

   The parallel to the human mind and body is obvious.  The brain can get too overloaded at times.  Not by new or more information.  It is amazing how much data we can store in our noodles.  What will slow our functions down are worries and cares of this world.  Jesus used the agricultural analogy, they ‘choke out” the good seed, making the fruitfulness of the crop diminish.  So likewise, care and worry consume the capacity of our consciousness making life hard to deal with.

   Another problematic issue is that of unforgiveness.  The pain may be as intense as ever, and the burden of that pain slows things down.  Yet, while the offense can be very sever, the burden of carrying a grudge only keeps the offense connected to the victim, and that added burden acts like the thousand files on a hard drive that demand being sorted through each time the machine is opened up.

   We need a CCleaner for the soul.  We have one.  The gospel is able if we are willing to engage the program to cleanse us from all these things as we trust in the total goodness of God.  There is one thing, when I engage the CCleaner, it gives warning that those files are gone.  I always push run cleaner because I know I don’t need that stuff anyway.

    Are you ready to engage the gospel in this way?  You will only lose what you don’t need and free up space for life.