Happy Father's Day!

 Happy Father’s Day, Dads!!

   The impact of fathers and mothers upon the lives of children is beyond calculation.  The breakdown of family in our society is the second major reason for the social chaos we are seeing in the structure of America.  I mean second to the forsaking of God by both institutions and individuals.  Obviously, the latter contributes to the former in that people place themselves as most important.  In doing so, self-denial and devotion to the will of God is forsaken, resulting in breakdown in all other relationships, especially marriage.  Ask any teacher or worker in the public schools how many students are adversely affected by the family breakdown and they will tell you nearly 100%.  It’s hard even with an intact family, dedicated to serving God, trying to navigate this life!

   So dads, today I implore you to do two things.  Love your wives.  There is no greater blessing or security for your children and family as a whole, than for you to love your wives.  The Bible says that failure to live with our wives with love and understanding, results in the hindering of your prayers.

   Secondly, spend time with your kids.  Often it’s the dad who is less responsive to conversation.  Don’t be that dad.  Likewise, as children get older, they tend to recluse to devices and are less responsive.  The only key is time, some planning, such as going out for ice cream or something personal, face to face, just for a short while.  The attention you give will never be forgotten, even if there is no “thank you” right away.

   Finally, don’t judge God the Father by the standard of your own father or your own effectiveness as a dad.  Your Father in heaven knows every hair on your head and your every need.  Trust Him and seek to be like Him.