The Assault On Truth

The assault on the truth began before the creation of the cosmos.  At some time in the ancient past, before time was, there was a rebellion in the realm of the angels.  An assault on the truth that began when one of God’s glorious creatures lied to himself, thinking he could ascend to the place of God and be worshipped, at least as an equal, perhaps even more superior.

   This point of truth is where every battle rages from that point to the present.  It is an issue of who God is and whether or not His creation will accept and submit or refuse and rebel.  The multiple ways this plays out in everyday life only indicates how this assault on truth continues to proliferate throughout the ages.

   God has always worked to counter this attack.  He is by no means under any threat of being disposed of His position!  His authority over all creation, including the rebellious spiritual forces, is without rival.  His efforts to counter the attack on truth is His grace and kindness in action for the benefit of those who repent of their unbelief and turn to Him in faith.  The result is salvation for their souls.

God chose two means by which He repels the assault. His spoken word, which has been copied into print for us to have, hold and study. We call it the Bible, the revelation of His plan of redemption in light of history and the future. The second is His incarnate Word, Jesus Christ our Lord. He is the ultimate expression of truth in spoken words, in character and conduct. John said, “We beheld Him, the only Begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth.”

For us as God’s people, we must cling unashamedly to the fact that there is only One God, who is in all, over all and through all. That He has revealed Himself to us, and will save to sustain everyone who abides in loving trust. To God be the glory forever and ever! Amen