Why is Temptation Tempting?

Why is temptation tempting?  Everyone deals with temptation from time to time and those who are habitually engaged in some kind of vice or sin, temptation seems irresistible.

   James 1:14 tells us why.  “Each one is tempted when he is drawn away by his own desires and enticed.”  NKJV

   “Temptation comes from our own desires, which entice us and drag us away.”  NLT

   Where are the desires coming from?  They already exist in each person.  Temptation is simply seeking to look into what already is there.  So how do we deal with temptation?  Are we helpless?  Is this just nature taking its course?

   God promises to bless people who endure under trial, who don’t give into temptations.  So there is an expectation from God’s perspective that we can and should prevail when we are tempted.  We are neither helpless, nor destined to failure.  The key to overcoming is to develop what you desire most.  If we desire God and His pleasure more than what we desire, we will prevail.  Ultimately, it is a battle for what we love and cherish the most.  It is how we are wired.  To be a moral creature, to have ability to make choices, involves having the ability to value our options.  This is why the Bible equates the Law with loving God and loving our neighbor as ourselves.  Rules are not the issue, what you love is.  If you love your pleasure or your comfort more than God or your fellow man, you will side against all others to have your way. 

   Conversely, if your desire is for your God and Savior and His pleasure and glory mean the most to you, you will obey and prevail against temptation to sin. 

   It’s all about love – and more specifically, who or what you love most.  God is holy because He loves perfectly. 

   We can be holy, as well as, when we refine our desires in Christ.