Easter Forever!!!

EASTER FOREVER!!  The resurrection story is not a once a year thing for Christians, it is every day and celebrated every week of the year.  The first day of the week Jesus rose from the grave.  He had completed the work of redemption by dying on the cross, and rested on the Sabbath.  He uttered those wonderful words, “It is finished.”  He rested, just as He did at the end of the creation week in Genesis.  In six days God created and on the seventh day God rested from all His works.  The resurrection announced a whole new day.  The work of creation and the work of redemption all completed.  Today is the new day and we celebrate every day with new life in Jesus.

   The work that is going on now is the work of Christ through His Church.  Our part is the proclamation of this finished work of redemption and the new day of life through the Son.  Yet there is another day coming as well.  It is called “The Day of the Lord” and that day brings an end to the proclamation of the gospel.  The Day of the Lord will bring the judgment of God upon the earth and all those who have done evil and remained in unbelief.  The fallen angels and fallen man that have not repented of their sin and become followers of Jesus, will all face the eternal consequence of their sin.  That day is fast approaching.

   While it is still the day of redemption, remember the risen Christ and be devoted to His life in you.  Give yourself to faithfulness in prayer and proclamation and rejoice in the empty tomb.  Be grateful that bunnies and eggs come and go, but the power of the Risen Lord abides continually each and every day.  Until that great Day of the Lord, look up for your resurrection is drawing near. 

   Maranatha! Even so, come Lord Jesus!!!