What is Your Source?

As I write this installment of “Thoughts,” it is April 1st.  I got taken in by an article that stated New England Patriots quarterback, Tom Brady, had been traded to San Francisco.  I was totally taken in until the very last line in the story by Coach Shanahan, “If you think this trade is real, check your calendar.”   

   Sadly, I was easily taken in because I trusted the source.  Big mistake on my part.  Yet, I like a million of people, was taken in by an apparent story that was a hoax.  I suppose part of my interest in the story was for our good Patriot fan and associate pastor, Cliff.  But I was taken in.

   This illustrates the importance of sources for what we accept as truthful.  Frankly, I have little trust for any major news source and zero trust for the mainstream.  There was a time when journalism was key to our nation’s ability to make judgments.  They were America’s conscience, watchdogs that had a chance to square off with government to keep people accountable.  Not that there have never been biases, the fact is, there have been biases from the beginning of this country.

   The ultimate leverage of the American people was a basic knowledge of the Bible and the basis for right and wrong as given by the Ten Commandments.  Even journalists had some conscience in not spouting blatant lies.  The public also had a moral compass in which to judge the values and character of its leaders.  Yet, since the days of Richard Nixon, those standards have all but disappeared. 

   This countries leaders and power people want no God.  The general public concurs as they are incessantly taught there is no God of consequences.  So on this April Fools Day, I lament that we are a country of fools indeed. 

   I do not give up hope, however, for God is alive and well .  HE is not done with any of us yet!