You Can Do Nothing and Nothing Means Nothing.

There are many people who are trying to succeed in life.  This begs two questions; first, what is success?  And second, what is the goal?  What are people aiming at?

   The second question is as diverse as the people you ask.  It has different assumptions based upon culture and age.  Older folks want to succeed at either cheating death or to avoid being lonely.  Middle aged people want financial security and career fulfillment.  Younger folks want to experience all they can out of life and to have meaning in who they are and what they do.  To feel like they are making a difference.  This second question is more important than the first because it defines the success one seeks.

   What is success for a Christian?  Is it to master the Scriptures or to be an effective soul winner?  Perhaps to be a productive member of the church and society, making a difference or perhaps leaving a legacy.

   The one thing that matters most is whether or not we attain to success in what God has established as the goal.  Just what is God’s agenda or standard?

   It really isn’t in the faithfulness of attendance or consistency in tithing, nor is it how many converts we can name.  It is not in how we advance the church by our service.  The true goal of every believer is to know God intimately.  Jesus said, “Unless you abide in Me, you can do nothing.”  Nothing means nothing.

   There are many things people can do by sheer initiative, ingenuity and hard work.  Yet it will produce nothing that matters to God.  Success in the Christian life is not measured in achievement nor accomplishment.  True success in measured in the fruit that results from abiding in Him.  This fruit actually remains, according to the Lord.  Yet, abiding in Him may prove to be the most challenging thing we will ever do.