Taking Steps to Scale the Mountain

The things people can do is astounding!  When a person has the combination of mind and body and potential, it seems that nothing is impossible. 

   Patty and I watched a documentary called “Free Solo” about a professional rock climber named Alex Hommold who was the first person to successfully climb the face El Captain in Yosemite National Park.  Free Solo means it was done entirely without ropes or safety gear, not even a parachute.  El Captain is 3,000 feet of granite wall.  Hommold did it in just under four hours.  Others will likely follow and likely die in the attempt.

   It took Hommold eight years to prepare, train, map the rock and get his mental faculties ready for the attempt.  Olympians are similar with years of training and mental preparations are needed to succeed.  Professional athletes, magicians, musicians and the like, devote their entire person to the mastering of their craft and yet, not always achieving their goals. 

   Watching Hommold describe himself and his journey was intriguing.  His whole life was wrapped up into that one feat.  Now that it was over, he is contemplating what is next.  For the time being, he is doing lots of smaller climbs to stay physically in shape.  He also has a foundation that supports solar energy entities in third world countries to provide infrastructure needs to those who literally have no access to electricity.

   My point is that these kind of people are rare, and exceptional.  Yet we as believers have such a higher purpose.  Can we begin to take “little” climbs toward the great goal of completing the Great Commission?  Perhaps just one conversation a week, an invitation to something or to hand out a tract.  Simple climbs, simple steps that might in time result in scaling the impossible.