Solve this riddle:

   Until I am measured I am not known.

   Yet how you miss me when I have flownAnswer:  Time

The Bible tells us that time is something that we cannot stop and yet it can be redeemed.  We cannot go back in time to rectify our mistakes, or to undo the travesties of history.  Many a movie has been made exploring that issue, most of which end up with the same conundrum, no matter what happens or how we try to fix it, there are always consequences for our choices.

   How do we redeem the time?  One translation of Ephesians 5:16 is making the most of every opportunity.  Too often we think in terms of getting to the important stuff as soon as we get the nagging things off our plate.  What we don’t realize is that these little things sap our energy so that when we are done we are too tired to do the important stuff.  We also think that the important stuff will take so much longer to do and that we will miss out on things when we are so occupied.  These are actual deceptions that are engineered by the wicked one and play so nicely with our carnal sensibilities.  Then one day, we wake up to another reality, the horror of regret because we let the most important go by thinking we will get to it in time.  You won’t unless you act today.

 Another riddle:

   I never was, am always to be.

   No one ever saw me, nor ever will.

   And yet I am the confidence of all.

   To live and breathe on this terrestrial ball.               Answer:  Tomorrow. 

   You and I only assume it will come for us or those we love.  Maybe what we really need to to should be done today.