The Big Game is over, what is next?

The big game is over.  What big game am I referring to?  The game of course, you know, the big game!  The key to answering the question, “What game?”  is the word “over.”  It’s over.  That’s right.  The big game is over.  The Patriots won.  Which one?  The Boise State Broncos won.  Which one?

   Now, I am truly happy for Cliff, our resident Boston fanatic.  But the fact is, all things, be it sport, or achievements in music, film, experiences like being a child, or having a child, all these things are ultimately over.  They happen, we celebrate or grieve, but they soon are over.  Things, events, great moments and terrifying over,  all get over.

   We are living in a world of the temporary.  For this reason we as humans look so quickly for the next big game, the next meaningful event, the next significant milestone.  All these things are compressed between two very personal events to each of us.  The day we were born and the day we will die.  Only one event, sandwiched somewhere between birth and death there is only one big thing that lasts eternally.  It is the day when a person is born a second time by God’s grace through faith in Jesus, the Son of God.  That one event eclipses all others in significance because it alone re-writes the future of a person forever.

   Have you been born again?  A second birth, a new creation?  You know if you know.  If you are not certain - you haven’t been born again.  If you are the latter of the two, please make an appointment – we can help.