Information, Information, Information!!!!!

  It is an amazing thing that we live in an age of such access to information and yet people really know so very little.  The Bible predicted that the time would come when people would be running “to and fro, and knowledge shall increase.” (Daniel 12:4)  I use the information super highway on a daily basis, getting news and even booking flights, or using my map app while driving.  It is truly amazing and yet, the people are totally ignorant of the historical roots of this nation or the teachings of the Bible.  The apps are there, the teachers and studies are available online, but most people simply are either misinformed or don’t care about anything except their vanity.

   I know that those of you reading this are an exception to the rule.  Many of you have good knowledge of the Bible and are more aware of history than many.  Yet there is a very stern warning for us from both Jesus and Paul.  Jesus said, “See to it that you are not deceived.  There will be many antichrists and false prophets in the last days.”  And, “At that time many will fall away and betray one another.”  Jesus also said, “Some will show signs and false wonders, so as to mislead, if possible, even the elect.”  (Matthew 24)

   Paul would teach that in the last days, there will be a “great falling away and the man of sin will be able to seduce the people because they did not love the truth.” (2 Thess. 1)  The book of Jude and 2 Peter teach that apostasy (falling away) will characterize the end of days.  How easy it is for the information super highway to be a conduit for deception? 

    I say this to encourage, exhort, warn and compel each one of us to be diligent in the Bible.  Make it your aim to spend an equal amount of time in Bible study and prayer as you do in any other source of information.  Not in devotionals, though some are excellent, some more popular ones are not good.  I’m talking about the Bible.  Let the Bible teach and inform you rather than the opinions of men.  These last days are too dangerous to take chances.  Deception is a formidable weapon.