Is your life monotonous?

   Last Sunday, Patty and I had the joy and privilege of being part of Justin Williams’ ordination ceremony.  It was a time when Justin made the public vow to be faithful to God in his calling as a pastor and leader in the church.  It was great to see his family gathered to support him.  This event was a one day shy of his father, Cliff’s death.  It also coincided with his brother, Jordan’s first week with the Meridian Fire Department.  A goal that Jordan has worked toward for at least 12 years.

   All of this to say that it is a great blessing to witness God’s  gracious hand upon a family that has endeavored to serve God since the 1970’s.  Many trials, many triumphs, many days of monotony, which is not to say that their lives are boring, but to say that, for all of God’s people, life is more defined by the monotonous rather than by the punctuated times of highs or lows that we experience.

   We read of the great characters in the Bible, their lives often compressed into a few chapters that takes only a few minutes to read and ask ourselves, “Why is my life not as exciting?”  We don’t remember that Abraham waited 25 years for the promise, along with another 15 years before the challenge to offer Isaac in sacrifice.  David was on the run from Saul for at least two decades before ascending to the throne.  Joseph languished in an Egyptian jail for up to seventeen years before he was promoted to Egypt’s prime minister.  Jesus waited 33 years before embarking on His ministry and likely did not perform His first miracle for a year after His baptism.  In all of this, God remained faithful to His Word.

   If you are feeling like life is passing you by, concentrate on being faithful to your vows and callings, allow God control in all things, including monotony.  He remains the same regardless.