Lest We Forget!

Legend has it that George Washington confessed, “I cannot tell a lie,” when confronted with whether or not he chopped down a cherry tree.  Yet, it is a well known fact that he developed a very successful ring of spies to gain information regarding British troop movements, supplies and strategies.  Abraham Lincoln was said to have been a racist, though he abhorred the slavery of human beings. 

   There are many “histories” or revisions of that history that have floated down through the past few centuries that make it hard to know the actual facts.  Biographers and historians alike are subject to their biases when they present their conclusions. 

   This weekend we celebrate President’s Day, combining those two great men and birthdays into a national holiday.  I doubt many high school students could give you thirty seconds of coherent meaning of these men and their contribution to our way of life.  I’m sure they are glad for a day off from school.  Likewise, for Martin Luther King Day, or Independence Day, Thanksgiving Day or Christmas Day.  How much meaning is held in the hearts of people today?  Why do we remember?  Why do we acknowledge these people or Jesus’ birth, or the recognition of pilgrims setting aside a day to feast with neighbors of different culture?  So we don’t forget!  Each of these events signifies people and events that have impacted billions of people.  We must remember.

We meet weekly as a church family to celebrate the greatest Person and the greatest event in history, Jesus and His resurrection. I’m glad we do it weekly, lest our remembrances fail to carry our devotion very far. The resurrection alone is worthy to warrant our daily devotion to Christ