Making another lap around the sun, is that all there is?

We start off yet another year that simply tells us we have made another lap around the sun.  That is all, unless we choose to make it more than that. 

   I received a call from a 90 year old lady who asked me to drop by as she wanted to discuss something with me.  So I dropped by and had a delightful chat.  She feels her mind is beginning to fail, her body certainly is, and she knows her time is soon to finish making laps around the sun in her life.  What she wanted to talk about was so refreshing, a true blessing.

   She wanted advice as to sharing the gospel with her two grown children before she dies.  Now, her kids are in their 60’s, maybe close to 70!  She brought them up in church and took them to Sunday School.  Yet, she senses by their lifestyles and priorities that the gospel did not take root in them so as to bring about fruit.  So her request was how to go about setting them down one more time to simply lay it out for them.

   This woman, funny, godly, yet wracked with the infirmities of old age, has one priority on her mind, the desire to make clear one more time where her hope is and her desire to see her kids embrace that truth.

   Many are making and breaking resolutions this year.  I, for one, will stand with this lade and help her keep hers.  There is no more worthy goal than to tell people about Jesus and His worthiness to be trusted.  God grant to her her heart’s desire. 

What is yours?