O Death Where is thy Sting?

I had the privilege to participate in the funeral for a beloved friend and mentor in Christ this past week.  The service was a delightful time of sharing about his life, his conversion, his love for Christ, the Church and his family.  It was great to see people from our past coming together to celebrate the life and death of Therman Kingery.  I was blessed to see people from our church there, and to see Wendy (Williams) and Bill Strunk as well.

   I was reminded as we met together that death truly has lost its sting.  The hopelessness that comes with it was not present yesterday.  Nor was there a false hope that I’ve seen at religious funerals.  It is one thing to talk about hope and heaven, but it’s not hard to discern the phony.  When people are preoccupied with family members they believe they will see, or other aspects of joy, happiness, non-suffering and such, I suspect the fraudulent if Jesus is not the center of the focus, the true treasure, the goal of being there.

   Therman’s funeral was a Jesus centered service because Jesus was Therman’s center.  Though he had confidence that he would see people he loved, that was not who he wanted to see first.  He wanted to see the One who purchased his life from the land of the lost and with His own blood redeemed his soul.  That was his treasure and would be ours if we have truly come to know Him. 

   Yes, we will have billions of years to talk with our friends and relatives.  I don’t suppose we will be too concerned with that until several billion years pass while we simply worship the Son and revel in His glory.