Today we will have Justin Williams and his family with us.  Justin, Anna, Evan and Luke are here to share their new journey of ministry.  Justin has recently joined the missions staff of Church Partnership Evangelism (CPE) and will be assistant pastor at Bread of Life Fellowship in Boise.  Justin’s new role requires him to raise a portion of his financial support so that he can devote time to training leaders across the globe. 

   We have had a long history with CPE at Heritage.  Beginning in 2000 we took a team to work with Haitian churches in south Florida.  Two years later, I went to the Philippians, where we have a long standing partnership with the Alliance churches in Cebu City.  I have also led teams in Russia, Thailand and El Salvador.  These partnerships have resulted in literally hundreds of people receiving Christ and being discipled into disciple makers themselves.

   Justin, who has already ministered in Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, India and Mexico, will be able to devote half his time in developing these partnerships, as well as, give aid to Joel VanHoogan who spends 25-30 weeks a year developing leaders in churches all across the globe. 

   I urge you to consider including Justin and Anna in your financial support toward missions.  There are many excellent causes, but we are praying that we become impact partners for the Williams’ at this time.