Can The Lord be in an Annual Business Meeting? Indeed!

Our Annual Business meeting was a great way to start the year.  Yes, a business meeting of all things.  What made it a good start for us is the spirit and camaraderie felt at the meeting that demonstrates unity of purpose, generosity and a desire to move forward toward being a great church fellowship.

   We learned a few things.  First, the financial generosity is evident, and has been a characteristic of this church for many years.  Of the total amount of giving, 18% made its way to church planting and missions at home and overseas.  Much of that impacted our own state through the planting of Vector Church in Boise and the growth of our sister church in Cebu City, Philippines.  We were also able to finish 2018 in the black with all bills paid including parking lot maintenance issues and upgrading our security system.

   We also have made a stated commitment to growing our young families both through outreach and passing leadership to the younger families.  This really won’t be too difficult as we have very capable and godly family leaders and truthhfully, most of the rest of us were doing it in the early days of this church’s history.  We are confident in our younger leaders.  It isn’t the church that belongs to the old folks, it is Christ’s church and we are all in this together.

   I look forward to what God will do this coming year, and trust that we will never tire of being amazed by who God is and how He works.