The World seems to be on fire!

   Fires have been burning throughout the world, and the news of loss of life that continues to make the news, is so tragic.  These natural disasters are frightening and make us realize how vulnerable we are in this life.  One thing that continues to typify these stories along with so many others, is the constant desire of man to find someone or something to blame.  I suppose the hope is that if we can identify the cause, maybe we can get a solution and prevent such things in the future.

   It is part of the nature of people to control.  Controlling people, the environment, our loved ones, gives the illusion of security and happiness.  Control is one thing however, that we really have so little of.  The one thing that people seem to have no control over is themselves, yet, it is the one thing that God, through His Holy Spirit, says the believer actually can achieve – self-control.

See Galatians 5:22-23

   Control over nature, people, the environment, or any other thing is an illusion that drives people to utter nonsense.  God Himself exercises control over no one, except to limit the forces of evil for the sake of preserving the world long enough for people to find life.  Yet, we see in so many ways how even that restraint is growing fainter as mankind continues to rebel against God.

   I deeply grieve over the destruction we’ve seen in nature and human cruelty.  But before I jump on some bandwagon of blame, I must first live in the promises and provisions of God for myself.  Ironically, the more I do so, the more compassion I feel for those who are out of control.