God revealed in the beauty around us....

 Last week Patty and I spent a wonderful day up in the Stanley Basin just east of the Sawtooth Mountains.  We took our kayaks up to Pettit Lake and enjoyed a wonderful afternoon soaking in sun and sights and were once again struck by the beauty that we call Idaho.

   Though Pettit Lake is not overwhelmingly large, it still brought wonder in its clear waters nestled in pines and granite peaks.  I don’t know how deep it is, is suspect shallow by comparison to the lakes in north Idaho, but deep enough to make it impossible to see the bottom when far enough away from the shoreline.  Though the water was clear as crystal, the depth made the bottom a mystery from our surface point of view.  We could see ten to fifteen feet down, but beyond that, light could not penetrate and return a visual for us.  What was down there was only a guess.

   In such a finite place as that was, there was a riveting sense of the depths of God.  Some places were fraught with color, clarity and cleanness.  Otherwise, out of view to our perceptions were things unknown. 

   God is fiercely willing to reveal Himself to us, but we must gaze and take in what we can, while we can.  Never once did the question, “Why is all this here?”  enter my mind.  It is here, and all I could do was appreciate it and enjoy it.

   So it is with God Himself.  It is not a question of does He exist, but rather, the simplicity of knowing He does and to enter into the experience.  He certainly is far more than an alpine lake, but He can be believed just as easily as soaking in that place.  And with far more to reveal along the way.