Women of God

Happy Mother’s Day!

   Ladies, are you aware that you are significantly made by God as females to reveal attributes of God that are not prevalent in male?  In other words, God is often referred to in a masculine gender, and that is how the Father is revealed to us, as well as the Son.  But the feminine representation of God’s personality is reflected in the feminine gender of humanity.  God created man in His own image, male and female He created them.  Together, the masculine/feminine attributes of God’s character are to be demonstrated. 

     Sin has so deranged and deformed this truth.  Today, male and female are blurred to such an extent, that neither can thrive in themselves without being ridiculed.  This is the work of darkness, so marring the human personhood to tarnish or disguise the greatness of God and His crowning creation.  Satan is jealous and hateful, and seeks to destroy us from our core identity as male and female.  When these two realities are so distorted, it becomes increasingly difficult to understand God or relate to Him.

    But Mother’s Day can give a glimpse again.  Moms are thoughtful, loving, nurturing, understanding, fiercely devoted and courageous to defend their children.  Today, may we see God in a similar vein.  If God is for us, then who can stand against us?