Excitement One Can't Contain!

   Have you ever been so excited about something that you simply had to tell someone as soon as you could?  News or an experience that you can’t contain for the feeling bursting inside you?  A young person who has just given or received a marriage proposal might be an example, or buying your first home, you want people to share in your excitement of this new aspect in your life.

   Now you are expecting me to chide you if you are not sharing that same excitement regarding Jesus.  You may think I’m going to tell you that if you aren’t exploding at the seams of finding ways to talk about Christ to others, that there is something wrong.  You may believe I’m going to try to guilt you into witnessing.  Well, I’m not going to do that.

   Like the big news events in our lives, over time, the great emotional connections even out into normal reality.  We would get tired of someone who went around telling people they bought a house if they had been living there for five years already.

    So what’s my point?  Simply this, if you are going to maintain the joy of your relationship with Christ, you will need to continue sharing your faith intentionally over and over again.  You will need to overcome the natural hesitations and apprehensions that attend purposeful witness, step out, and do it.  What happens is transformative.  The Holy Spirit, Who never tires of telling us and others of the wonderful Lord Jesus, will fill you as your intentional witness is given.  Because, unlike a house or a proposal, a relationship with Jesus is eternal.  The Eternal Spirit pours out into us with love, compassion and truth that renews the excitement each time we press through to share the gospel.  That’s the difference. 

    It’s not a matter of feeling excited and then sharing, but rather it is the joy that comes when we bear witness of Christ.  Tell of Him this week.