Life has many challenges, ups and downs and highs and lows.  What is interesting is that while most people would say they would prefer to have a more steady, uneventful life, the fact is most people do not.  That is why we buy things, like motorcycles, campers, and spending money on entertainment.  For the desperate, there is the thrill seeking of extreme sports, or the poor choice of recreational drugs.  In short, people do not like boredom or emptiness. 

   It seems that Moses understood this in writing Psalm 90.  He grew up in the excitement and education of the palace in Egypt.  After his hot temper got him, he spent 40 years tending sheep in the wilderness of Midian.   I think he grew so accustom to the monotony, that when God called him to return to Egypt, he was quite happy to be left alone.

   When Moses finally accepted the call, he saw the amazing works of God, and he saw the disparity of people and was regulated to wander with people more stubborn and wicked than sheep.  Yet, as he reviewed his life, perhaps now in his 90’s or even older, he saw the brevity of life, the futility of it and came to much the same conclusion as the preacher of Ecclesiastes, there is much vanity, much waste, such sorrow mixed with occasional joys.  In all of it, the one and only thing that mattered through it all, is the meaning only God can give.  We have short lives.  Death is certain.  How our lives matter is only as we give ourselves into the very hands of the Creator.

   Read Psalm 90.