Singing His Promises Endlessly

   Psalm 62 was one of David’s many songs.  Written when he was in one of his deepest situations.  If you read of David’s life, there were relatively few years where he wasn’t in some desperate situation.  After being anointed king to replace Saul, his trouble grew worse.  Once Saul had died, he became his own worst enemy by poor parenting, by unfaithfulness and murder, and finally, his pride in trying to number his troops and horses.

   What makes Psalm 62, and others like it, so remarkable is the way in which David has to instruct himself and remind himself of who God is and what God has done.  As David looks at people, he sees treachery, robbery and greed that corrupts people.  He reminds himself that there is no truth or life there.  As he instructs others, he reminds himself of God’s promises and of the times God had spoken to him and what he learned.

   This is important for us.  We may or may not have access to some kind of preaching or teaching.  We may have to rely on our memories, but we do have to constantly remember God’s promises and His faithfulness, and we need to proclaim these things out loud, to ourselves and any who care to listen.

   Troubles are always around and though they vary in degree, they can still take a person down if we don’t fortify ourselves in verbally recounting the truth.  David sang his musings and meditations and wrote them down. 

   If you are finding depression or flatness in our life, you might need to start talking to yourself about who God has revealed Himself to be.  Write it down. 

   “Loving kindness is Yours, O Lord,”  Psalm 62:12