Grateful to Pay Taxes?

   I am grateful that my taxes are done, filed and paid.  I wish I had a refund coming, but nonetheless, it’s done.  Thankfully, some of our tax dollars do go to good things, like roads, police and firefighters, educators, and civil servants who work to improve our lives, or at least, give society a little bit of organization.

   No one likes to pay taxes, and many of us are frustrated by where many dollars are allocated, and the wastefulness of it all.  These things will not likely change until the meltdown of the earth and the Kingdom of God is fully realized.  Then, and only then, will there be no more waste, no more war, no more police and no need for doctors, lawyers, preachers and accountants.

   Until that day comes, we pay taxes.  Paul told us to do so, as did Jesus Himself,  “Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s and to God the things that are God’s.”  Now let’s put taxes aside for now.  How are we doing on the latter?  Rendering to God the things that are God’s.  

   We are taught to set aside the first fruits and bring them to God’s storehouse.  Some of you send it on with bill pay or auto drafts, which we appreciate.  Regardless, are you mindful of your giving?  Is it planned or is it emotional?  Do you set aside your tithe and then plan on other charitable giving so that your budget is in tact and that you are thoughtful regarding where you money goes and how these charities use it? 

   We give to God out of thanksgiving.  We give from love and obedience.  The fact is, when we do, we can actually pay our taxes with gratitude as well.  Gratitude that God supplies enough for us to require us to pay them.  Gratitude that, like all other living expenses, we have been supplied all we need and more from God’s gracious hand. 

   Let us be, and always be, cheerful givers, thankful for God’s provision.