Teach Your Children Well

   How can the old fogies teach new kids in the age of technology?  Perhaps, we can begin to formulate ministries that teach children how to use their imaginations and creativity without devices.  How to do things with their hands and hearts, learn songs and be taught truth.

   Perhaps we can teach parents how to use “Love and Logic” as a means of teaching children the empowerment of choices and self-government, and equip parents with powerful tools to both strengthen godly disciplines and foster love in the home.  Who can teach this best, except those who had to live and learn throughout life already.

   Perhaps we can establish outreach to teens and school age children through physical activity, fund, purposeful movement.  We have a class two days a week doing just that.  Kids learn how to protect themselves, discern danger and also use their hands, arms, legs, feet and minds while having fun.  All away from a TV or device. 

   Social interaction, with intergenerational groups, having fun, dancing, exercising, solving problems, and creating.

   Hey, you geriatrics, think an old dog can teach new tricks to a generation that has never seen living life this way before?  How about we use more of our free time in serving others and see what God can do through us.  We may see Him actually work in us as well.