How Bad is Bad

How bad is bad?  Look at the world today, it is bad.  Has it ever been this bad before?  Ask Noah.  There is no point in exaggerating the the point, nor minimizing it either.  The truth is, the world is a bad place, generally speaking.  However,   there are redemptive things going on all the time, which make it somewhat tolerable for most. 

   How tolerable is it for those who claim Jesus Christ to be their Lord?  Are we like the nephew of Abraham who, though he lived in Sodom, was vexed regarding the way people were in the city.  Yet, it seems that little by little, he was able to cozy up to the place and tolerate its evils, though he had vexations all the while.  Like the proverbial frog in the kettle, small changes and compromise here and there make it easier to be boiled alive and not even know it until it’s too late.

   Maintaining a good testimony is important, but something greater is at stake, maintaining a pure heart.  Getting a pure heart is impossible, save by the grace of God in the new birth.  Until we enter into the New Covenant in Christ, there is no hope of heaven, let alone a new heart.  But once grace is understood and faith is placed upon God and the Spirit has taken up residence, then a pure heart is achievable. 

   What exactly is a pure heart?  It is far more than simple disgust at other people’s behaviors.  It means something very simple, it means single.  Single in it’s ultimate affections.  Fixated on one thing, not multiple things, not even two things.  One thing, or more accurately, One Person.  Purity in heart means this: GOD ALONE