The Issues of Church Safety

 Last week we hosted the Pistol in The Pulpit seminar with Tim Rupp, pastor from River of Life Alliance Church in Idaho Falls.  We had a good turnout from Heritage and had several representatives from other local churches, as well as, three representatives from the Twin Falls County Sherriff’s office.  Tim also spoke in our Sunday morning service on the subject of self-defense from a Biblical perspective.

   There are several things we want our congregation to know with regard to our plans for implementing a comprehensive safety program.  First, we are wanting to be prepared not paranoid.  The odds against ever having some kind of active shooter scenario is extremely slim, but as we know, not impossible.  Preparation and planning are simply measures to help us improve safety for everyone who attends our church.  I believe that it is the responsibility of the shepherds of this flock to exercise due diligence to protect the flock, physically, morally, doctrinally and emotionally. 

   We already practice fire drills and we have a policy for screening children’s workers.  We are simply desiring to have a more comprehensive plan which includes safety protocols for the unthinkable, as well as, fire emergencies or medical emergencies.  Our goal is to preserve life and proclaim life eternal through the gospel.

   We will by studying procedures and training to do the best we can in an ever changing society.  As Americans, we simply didn’t have to think about things like this until recent history.  Let us never forget our brothers and sisters in Christ that have lived under the threat of death or imprisonment for decades and as we remember, let us be thankful, as well as, vigilant.

   And remember, The Lord is our Protector in all circumstances. 

Thanks be to Him!!!