Olympics and Technology

  I am going to admit that I am an Olympic Games junky.  I watch things that I would not watch normally.  Things like luge, skeleton and bobsled racing.  Biathlon and slope style, mogul racing and even figure skating.  I will admit I prefer watching hockey over curling, but hey, go USA!

   During the opening ceremonies, the Korean’s made tribute to all the old and the new.  South Korea is a high tech giant.  Their advancements are a marvel to technological advancement, but their own acknowledgement is that it has created a new addiction among their young people that is devastating families and the potential of a new generation.  What was once a driving society for knowledge and the arts, is becoming a society of video gamers.  They are so concerned that even the opening ceremony reflected their fears.

   There is an answer, but it will require several things.  We must both inform and educate people on the harmful effects of addiction in any form, but we must also provide appealing and meaningful activities that can exceed the pleasure zone of addiction.  That can only come through compelling love and authentic relationships. 

   There are so many things to do away from screen time.  But it takes a willingness to invest time and energy to get out there and do it.  When people discover these things in the context of fun and family dynamics, the next generation will be wanting more.  What a wonderful way to show God’s love!