Kindness happens only at Christmas?

  If you have ever wondered what the twelve days of Christmas is all about, you can always Google it.  Don’t be shocked by the many answers and traditions that will come up.  I read on one site that claimed the cost of all the gifts mentioned in the song would total $170,000.00 in US currency!  There are sites that suggest the twelve days are some code or formula to recognize either saints, martyrs or different highpoints of Biblical history.

     I bring this up because there is so much that centers on the Christmas season.  Hallmark movies galore.  TV commercials.  Movies both traditional and new, and then “special episodes” of regular prime time TV.  Most often, themes are that we should be extra nice this time of year.  Christmas ought to be the time when people come together, giving extra kindness to our fellow man. 

   Whether it’s the season or the 12 days of Christmas, or just that one special day, the fact is that if we are true followers of Jesus, what difference does it make what time of year it is; or what day it is?  Should we act special for occasions or seasons?  Or is Christ the Lord of May 3rd, July 19th, September 4th and the other 362 days as well?

   We should enjoy the season, the songs, and the celebration of Christ.  We must, however, live consistently every day until He comes for us all. 

   Always kind, considerate, generous and always loving.