Celebration of Our Veteran's

Today is Veteran’s Day, celebrated since 1918 when it was originally called “Armistice Day” when WWI came to an end on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month.  The holiday is now 100 years old and is called Veteran’s Day.

 WWI was the “war of all wars,” and was so horrific that the so called civil nations of the world were totally appalled by the tragic loss of life and the terrors of the weapons of mass destruction utilized.  Some people felt that the horrors were so acute that it was believed that hell itself had emerged onto the surface of the earth.

   Veteran’s Day should not be confused with Memorial Day, set aside each year in May to remember those fallen service men who paid the ultimate price for freedom since the Revolutionary War.  Veteran’s Day is the day we celebrate Veterans living who have given sacrificially to serve our country, many having been in and survived harm’s way.  Today, we thank all of you for your sacrifice in serving the call of duty.

   I say sacrifice, rather than service, because this is truly what our service men and women do.  Often these sacrifices are not even shown to or seen by the civilian population.  What many have experienced, especially those who have served in combat, is beyond imagination.  These things can be so traumatizing that it becomes unspeakable to those who have lived through them.  Our prayers are with you, as is a listening ear.

   On this day of acknowledgement, please know that this holiday we stand as a grateful people for you.  Thank you again, for your sacrifice to our nation, and to us your friends and family.