Party Invitations - Joyful or Stressful?

  When was the last time you were invited to a party?  Was it an exciting feeling to receive the invitation, or was it, “Oh no, another thing to do.”

   Schedules are so full these days that what was once a joyful thing to be included in an invitation is now viewed as an intrusion into our leisure time, or what’s left of it.  But this essay really isn’t about time constraints or parties. 

   I want to talk about how people might come to experience our church family.  I think that our services are celebrations.  We celebrate the resurrection, eternal life, God’s forgiveness and fellowship with Him and with one another.  I watch as our family is genuinely happy to see each other, and I see people inspired in their collective faith each week.  I see us praying one for another, and I wonder if we ever invite others to join in the party.  Do we worry their schedules are too full?  Are we worried they may reject us out of hand if we bring up something about religion.  God knows we don’t want to jeopardize a friendship over something so personal.

   Why not just invite?  Why not tell them how this fellowship is impacting your life for good?  If they have a good, life teaching church already, bless them – (but don’t accept their invitation!)  Seriously, people are really not against the truth if someone has excitement over what it is doing in their own life or family.  The worst that can happen is a response that says, “ I’m not ready or I’m to busy.”  but we can keep asking and pray for them.