Celebrating Generations

It is always a joy to celebrate the milestones of our succeeding generations. When our children are born, birthdays, significant achievements or experiences are things we love to witness as parents. The same is true for the body of Christ, and for local churches.

Back in 2002 our church had a baby. The Rock Church was launched in Nampa, Idaho under the leadership of Cliff and Wendy Williams. Cliff had served for a decade as both a volunteer and paid youth pastor, and had a vibrant ministry. In 2002, God called him to pastor a church plant, and under the providence of God led him, along with a number of active members of Heritage Alliance to move to this new location and start a church.

The church grew, and was poised for building a building when two difficult events happened. One was Cliff’s sudden diagnosis of ALS, which ultimately took his life. The second was the collapse of the real estate market that left the church is suffocating debt.

In spite of these events, the church continued on and successfully launched a church in Boise, Sojourn Alliance Church under the leadership of Dusty Benner. On November 4, the church will be celebrating the milestone of dedicating their own facility after more that 15 years in rented schools and building.

It is wonderful to see God’s faithfulness to that congregation, and to the people of Nampa by supplying a wonderful family of faith in a growing community with many un-reached people. We give thanks to God for being part of His plan in making disciples of the nations, including our own Judea.