The Ultimate Question

The ultimate question is and shall always be “Why are we here?”  This goes beyond the question “how did we get here?” and to the heart or purpose.  The question applies to cosmology, why the universe is here.  It applies to individuals, why am I here?  It applies to organizations like churches, schools, businesses and the like. The heart of running any organization is its purpose.  Until that is clearly understood, the mechanics or programs do not have the greatest potential for effectiveness.

   So, you may have guessed, I want to bring this back to the church.  Not specifically Heritage Alliance, but to the whole enchilada.  Church with a capital “C.”  Why the Church?  The answers to that question may come with various verbiage, but let me take a stab at it.  The Church exists to be God’s Kingdom on the earth, the vessel through whom God lives His life in this creation through His people.

   God is utterly other, that is, He made everything but He is distinct from everything He made.  But God is a relational God.  Existing in three unique Persons.  He is in constant relationship.  This relationship was what motivated Him to create, therefore, He desired a relational contact with creation, thus He made human beings.   By living with people, He could relate through that medium to all things.  And it was good. 

   Sin ruined the relationship God intended.  He put forth a plan to rescue and restore, which results in the Church, which the New Testament declares is God indwelt persons through Whom God related again to all creation.  For now, our purpose is to spread the message of reconciliation wherever we are.  When the end of this age comes, we will continue to be the medium through whom God will relate to His creation.  We can’t imagine what that will entail.