New Website

This is my first blog on this new website.  It is my sincere desire that our website is an effectual tool in helping people find us, understand us, and perhaps even join us in the mission or making disciples of Jesus Christ.

Our old website was just too difficult to maintain for us at the office.  None of us knew HTML coding, and no one wanted to learn it.  Thankfully, my daughter's pastor in Minnesota, Pastor Phil at Clarity Church, spent some time with me on what should be in a website, and pointed me to Squarespace for hosting.  This was confirmed by Chris Tweedy at our Alliance district office.  So here it is. 

It still needs some tweaking, and I hope that it is not too overwhelming with information. My goal was for people to be able to find us, and to learn about us in the process.  There are some who simply want a quick answer, others are more research oriented.  My hope is that both types of people can find enough of what they are looking for whenever they might visit this site.

I invite  your comments on the website, and ask that it be constructive criticism with regard to making the site better.  You may not agree with everything that is said, but we make no apology for our desire to promote the gospel, to promote Jesus Christ risen from the dead, and being the only bridge to reconciliation with God the Creator.

Thank you for taking time to read this post.  May God bless you in your journey of faith.