The Church and Technology

We have got to learn how to do church in this era of human existence and globalization. Maybe we need to learn how to be the church first.  Things are changing so rapidly that nothing seems to be sticking, things are changing so rapidly that few things have any longevity.  All the while, violence, immoral conduct, exploitation, and bigotry are all becoming more wide-spread regardless of the outrage against it.   What seems to me to be one of the biggest changes is how silent the Christians are, and how noisy and preachy celebrities are. 

   Social media is one reason.  I'm not simply talking  about Facebook and Twitter and the rest. There are benefits of these platforms to be sure. I am talking about how these platforms are manipulated, and are manipulating.  I began some research on the impact of technology and social media upon youth and people in general, the pros verses the cons are highly stacked against these things being positive, healthy and morally uplifting. I was alarmed at several reliable reports on how the Department of Defense of the U. S. government actually funded research on Facebook designed to manipulate people through altering posts people had made without their knowledge or consent.  What was posted were not, in fact, the words of those whose accounts were used.  Scarey?

   We live in the last days according to the prophetic warnings of the Bible.  Technology has accelerated the degeneracy of society. The "apostasy" that Paul indicated in his letter to the Thessalonians is well upon us.  Machines are bad, but because people who use them are sinners, therefore technology simply increases the potential as it rests in the hands of greedy, manipulative, self-centered people – that includes you and me.

   How do churches do “church” in times like these?  I can assure you that we better figure it out and some in our congregation may find that their drug of choice has a screen and buttons.  How can we impact a generation already addicted?  Declare prohibition, as was done with alcohol in the 1930’s?  That didn’t work, nor will it work today.

   The solution has to be in obeying the Holy Spirit. Every believer must seek the answers He gives through His Word and through His internal voice. It will take time to hear, so we must be patient and seek for it.   In so doing, we may not only be used to help save others, but ourselves as well.

More later…