"How many angels can dance on the head of a pin?"

  I heard a great question the other day. People often ask, “how many angels can dance on the head of a pin?”  But the better question is, “Why would they want to?”  And the best answer to that question is “If God told them to.”  I don’t hesitate one instant to suppose that if God commanded it, every one of them would do it.  Whether or not they would have to take turns brings us back to the original question.

   Here’s what I am getting at.  The angels of God are quite satisfied to do God’s bidding, anytime, anywhere.  The reason is because they love and adore their Creator.  The why isn’t in the purpose of the commands, but in the devotion to their God.  The fallen angels  forsook that simplicity and have gone to a place of no return.  They were deceived because they were led to ask why when there was not need to do so.

   Our human failings trace this same path.  We are so tied to the why of things that trust is obscured in reason, and reason becomes clouded when rationality is introduced to solve the question. 

   The fact is, the Great Commandment brings us back to the core of all things.  Love God, love people.  That the why and leads to the answers of all other questions we face.  It is not anti-intellectual, not is it an escape from reason.  It is, in truth, the most reasonable things there is. 

   “Therefore I urge you, brethren, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies a living and holy sacrifice, acceptable to God, which is your spiritual service of worship.”

Romans 12:1

Time...A Precious Commodity

  “Making the most of every opportunity, for the days are evil.”  So wrote Paul in Ephesians.  The KJV says, “Redeeming the time.”  Time is a most sacred and awesome gift.  Regardless of how we define it, measure it, or even know what it is, it is precious.  The temptation to and opportunities to squander it away are all around us.  Even the ancient literature of Proverbs indicates that foolish people squandered time and opportunity long before the invention of electronics and sports teams.

   We are approaching the Fall, days are getting shorter and temperatures are cooling.  Storms will increase making outdoor activities more challenging.  We must not push off essential things before it is proper to do so.  We must still picnic, kayak, BBQ with people, as long as we can engage folks in time together.  And that is the key, time together.

   To redeem the time is far more than time management.  There are two words for time in the New Testament.  “Chronos” has to do with time as we usually think of it.  We get the words chronological and chronometer or chronograph from this word.  The other word is “kairos”, which has to do with quality, the kind of time that transpires.  “Kairos” looks to the usefulness of time to enhance life's’ quality.  So our time increases in quality when it is used to learn, to plan, to be with people, to observe and to think.

   I pray that this season of the year will be filled not with activity or busyness, but with purposeful time invested in good reading, long and fruitful conversations, with gospel sharing and intentional prayer.  Let’s use the change in season to bring good changes to our own lives. 

Tithe and Stewardship

 I am going to introduce a topical sermon series for a few weeks.  The topic is stewardship.  For many, the topic says money.  The preacher is going to talk about money.  Oh boy!

   First, let me say that the elders and governing board of our church have suggested that I do so for a long time.  Second, it is the second most talked about subject in the Bible, and the topic Jesus addressed often.  Sixteen of the thirty-eight parables deal with money and possessions.  In the gospels, one in ten verses deal directly with the subject of money. (Interestingly, one-tenth of the gospels talks of money; did God tithe a tenth on the subject?)

There are 2,359 verses devoted to the subject of money, wealth and how to use it.  Compare that to 500 verses on faith and prayer.

   The issue is important because there are two things left that measure a person’s heart: money and time.  When an accounting of how anyone spends time and money is done, there will be an accurate description of what that person believes to be the ultimate.  Stewardship, in reality, ought to preached as often as any other topic, if not more so, of we use the Bible as our inspiration. 

   I am also keenly aware that most of the people in this church are being faithful here.  The generosity of this church is amazing.  For the size of this church, our offering to the work here, to missions, relief and benevolence has always been evident.  So this series is to encourage the faithful and to challenge any and all who have yet to put their full confidence in God’s promises. 

   Please pray that the Kingdom will advance and the future of our faith family will thrive.

Why Is It So Hard To Trust?

  I am often asked, “Why is it so hard to trust?”  I really don’t know how to answer that question except to go to the basic root of every decision we make.  We do what we do because, in every moment, of every decision, it is what we want most.  This is often hard for people to accept.  Feelings of guilt or remorse over consequences stemming from past decisions, try to inform our minds with reasoning's that are patently untrue.

   For example, we think, “I couldn’t help myself,” or  “I didn’t mean it, or” I hate what I do but I can’t seem to stop.”  There are an infinite number of reasoning's used that we might find either justification or rationalization for things we have done, or are considering to do.  Fundamentally, however, we always in every moment, do exactly what we want to do the most.  Temptations are designed by the evil one to entice desires to such an extent that they will suppress any other inclination to do what is right.  It is for this reason that doing right is often harder to do.  We must reel in those desires and feelings, and set our minds upon the truth, evaluate the reality that God’s way is infinitely better than all other options, and trust in Him regardless of feelings or desires that clamor for our choices.

   This is why the gospel is so wonderful.  It goes beyond forgiveness of sin.  It is the power of God to save us from ourselves, from the evil influences of the world, and to conquer the impulses and desires that were common in our experience before meeting Jesus.  The essence of true conversion, is the fact that our deepest desires are our most fundamental affections.

Spiritual Perfection

Last time I wrote about the spiritual warfare that has been hitting our church hard of late.  While I certainly believe this to be true, as there is never a truce in the war of good vs evil, my lovely wife reminded me that this is also a time of spiritual purification.  She is right on.

   The goal of God is our perfection in Christ.  Romans 8:32 clearly tells us that God’s predetermined plan is aimed at conforming His people into the image of Jesus His Son.  He is perfection.  That is God’s aim, to purify us to be a people of His possession, fit for the age to come.  We either resist the process in self-centered unbelief or we surrender in absolute truth to Him who is able to establish us in the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

   The late Dr. Tim Owen, who served as our District Superintendent some years ago said, “God is good.  But even if He wasn’t, what could you do about it?”  Wow, am I ever glad that God is good, good all the time!  He is revealed to us as gracious, compassionate, slow to anger and abounding in loving kindness.  Yes, He is holy, righteous, ultimate in power and authority.  He could send us to the fiery hell we actually deserve in a split second.  He does not because He is exceedingly good, long suffering and gentle.

   So while we experience the onslaught of the devil’s disdain toward God and us, let us set our sights on Jesus.  Let us yield to the process and let Him make us into the people we are meant to be.

As Summer winds down...

 We had a great time at the last picnic at Centennial Park.  Though it was hot, we were able to pass out some Bible tracts and had multiple conversations with people regarding their faith in God.  Pray for those seeds to flourish into faithful believers.

   The “Summer Serve” put on by the Twin Falls Reformed Church had many people involved and engaged in interaction with the neighborhood near our church.  Thank you to those of you who were able to participate with TFRC.  May the Lord bring blessing and glory to His Name through this event. 

   Family camp is coming up Labor Day Weekend at YAA near Bozeman.  Plan to come, whether you have a family or are by yourself.  The camp is geared for people of all ages.  The cost is suggested, but by donation, so if you are short on cash you can still come.  There is archery, a zip line, gun range, canoeing, hiking, grass games and great food.  Again, even if you are on your own, there is plenty to do and people to spend time with.  It is also a must for families as kids will have a blast, and so will Mom and Dad.

   As the summer is winding down, let us keep going strong in the proclamation of the Good News. 

  God bless each one this Lord’s Day.

Do justly, love mercy, walk humbly.

 Micah 6:8; “He has shown you, O man, what is good and what the Lord requires of you: But to do justly, to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.”

   I see these three things as that which corresponds to the triune nature of God.

   Do justly – The Father

   Love mercy – The Son

   Walk humbly  -  The Holy Spirit

  The Father is all about justice.  He is the Creator of all things and bears the responsibility of righteous judgment over all His creatures. 

   The Son is the means of God’s mercy for guilty sinners, having taken the form of human flesh, dying a sinner’s death, though He was innocent Himself, and rising from the dead.

   To walk humbly is impossible without the Holy Spirit as our Light, Guide, Helper and Counselor.  By His indwelling influence and power we are actually capable of walking with God in relationship.

   As I write this, I am having a hard time walking physically.  I tweaked my knee and it pains me to bend it or to apply too much pressure on it.  The effect is that easy mobility is now a conscious effort, step by step, with stairs being particularly troublesome. 

   This reminds one that walking with God cannot be done in carless or mindless ways.  We really do need to be conscious of every step we take.  Some being harder than others, but all assisted by His presence.  We simply need to consciously ask and obey.

   I trust my knee will heal.  I trust even more that my walk with God will improve as well.

Is Your Maintenance Light On?

As I write this today, my pickup is being serviced.  After 10,000 miles, it is due for an oil change, tire rotation and inspection.  I’ve known it needed this maintenance because at 5,000 miles intervals a maintenance light comes on to inform me that it is time.  Frankly, I am glad for that reminder because with newer cars, maintenance schedules are further apart and easier to forget.

   Changing the oil is a critical part of the maintenance program.  Oil is the life blood of a car engine.  It lubricates and protects all the moving parts to minimize friction and wear which would destroy the engine if neglected.  Oil has amazing properties that keep things running smooth, cool and prolongs life.  I’m sure you know where I am going with this.

   The Holy Spirit is symbolized in the Bible by oil.  Oil in the ancient near east was as essential to life then, as motor oil Is to the life of a car engine.  Oil was used for medical purposes, for cooking, for comfort and cosmetic uses, and for ceremonial purposes as well.  The priests were anointed with oil to designate them as the leaders of the people.  The very word Messiah means “anointed one” and in Jesus’ case, He was anointed by the Holy Spirit Himself, not just a symbolic anointing with oil.

   Oil, as a type of the Holy Spirit, is revealed all through the Bible.  We are in desperate need of the Holy Spirit every day of our lives.  Our problem is that we don’t’ pay attention to the maintenance required lights that are built into us.  These lights blaze when we are in conflict with believers, when temptation becomes unbearable, when we lack compassion for lost people and fail to share Christ with the lost.  In these times, we need to go to the great mechanic and seek renewed oil and be tuned up to God’s purposes, not the world.

   Check to see if your maintenance light is on and go to Christ to be renewed in Him.  Otherwise, you might suffer breakdown that is beyond repair.

Time Is Running Out.....

By the time you are reading this, our team will be at the gate ready to board our flight which will be the first leg of the longest day of the year for us.  No, not June 20th, but July 15th.  We will, Lord willing, be airborne at 1:05 am, Cebu time, and arrive in Boise at 5:50 pm.  The total time, including layovers is 30 hours and 50 minutes.  That’s a long day indeed. 

   It might seem like our days are long, that time itself will meander along at a snails pace, but the truth is, it goes so quickly and without careful and intentional living; it escapes us and we are left with regrets.  The opportunity to make the most of our time will be missed if we don’t take care to be deliberate and intentional.  The people we should have spoken to about Christ, or the loving affirmations to spouses or children, notes of thanks and acknowledgement to those who have contributed to our lives.  The opportunities fly by and unless acted upon in a timely manner, these opportunities will escape us and many “would have, could have, should have” will be lost forever.

   We trust our time in Cebu will have been well invested.  We are grateful to you who intentionally prayed for us.  You share equally in this endeavor by your generosity and prayers.  God’s distribution day will include you with us and together we shall return any and all rewards to the One who gave us His life and redeemed ours from eternal destruction.

   So as you pray for our safe return, may you also give thanks to God.  And remember, redeem your time wisely, it is running out.


The Message of the Cross

In Galatians 5:11 Paul says that if he preaches the gospel persecution arises.  If he preaches religion, he would not be treated that way.  He makes this remark, “Then the stumbling block of the cross has been abolished.”  The truth is, the message of the cross leaves no room for ambivalence or indecision.  It is offensive.  The message of the cross is seen by some as foolish and to others a stumbling block.  The reason is that the cross gets at the heart of each person.

   Sin brings death.  The cross is a message that brings that reality to the consciousness of those who hear the gospel.  Sin necessitated the horrible event of death.  It demands a righteous response and the cross is that response.  The cross is a message that sin ceases in death because it causes death.  The only way to stop sin is to stop the sinner.

   The cross demands that for anyone who wishes to escape the sentence of death, someone else has to die.  It also demands that the guilty place themselves upon the instrument of self-denial and repent of their sinful ways.  There must be, as it were, a death of the actions that produced death to begin with.  That is what repentance is, and the cross brings that awareness.

   That is why people find the message to be a stumbling block.  They don’t want to be held responsible for their sin, nor do they want to give up control of their own lives in order to stop their behavior.  Death is repulsive no matter how one looks at it.  Yet, it is the only way through judgment unto life.

Let Freedom Ring

Independence Day is upon us. What a privilege we have had as a nation on this earth and for all reading this, to have been granted the blessings we have had living in America. We simply cannot appreciate fully what we have been given in terms of liberty and opportunity that our God has given us through this social order called the United States. May we give God thanks in all things, and on this particular holiday, thanks for liberty afforded us.

There are a team of our congregation that will be missing the fireworks this year as we wing our way to the Philippines on July 4th. We will be mindful of the beauty and the richness of our country as we arrive in a very different place, Cebu, Philippines. Cebu has many natural beauties as well. They have beautiful people that are radiant in their smiles and very accepting of us while we are visiting.

Please pray for God’s leading in our visitation schedule, trusting for each visit to be by God’s design for divine appointment. Pray for boldness and sensitivity in encouraging the believers there to open up about their faith and to be empowered by the Holy Spirit, as they share. Pray for receptive hearts and for effective follow-up so that the seeds planted can be nurtured into fully fruitful believers as well.

We ask you to pray for health needs as we are not as young as we use to be. The temperatures and humidity can be oppressive. May God give strength to endure with joy and grace.

Finally, know that as senders, you share equally in blessings that will take place. God knows your efforts and sacrifices in making this short ministry possible.

Thank you and God bless you.

How Is Your Computer?

 My computer is old.  It has no real bells and whistles.  Just some word processing and email stuff is about all it’s good for.  It functions well enough, but it does get slower and slower with age.  Hum.

   I do have one free software called CCleaner.  It is a program that goes through the file system cleaning the registry and wipes out old files, identifies files that are obsolete, and clears the cache.  The purpose is to get stuff out of the way so that the CPU has less to wade through as the computer responds to commands and performs its functions.

   The parallel to the human mind and body is obvious.  The brain can get too overloaded at times.  Not by new or more information.  It is amazing how much data we can store in our noodles.  What will slow our functions down are worries and cares of this world.  Jesus used the agricultural analogy, they ‘choke out” the good seed, making the fruitfulness of the crop diminish.  So likewise, care and worry consume the capacity of our consciousness making life hard to deal with.

   Another problematic issue is that of unforgiveness.  The pain may be as intense as ever, and the burden of that pain slows things down.  Yet, while the offense can be very sever, the burden of carrying a grudge only keeps the offense connected to the victim, and that added burden acts like the thousand files on a hard drive that demand being sorted through each time the machine is opened up.

   We need a CCleaner for the soul.  We have one.  The gospel is able if we are willing to engage the program to cleanse us from all these things as we trust in the total goodness of God.  There is one thing, when I engage the CCleaner, it gives warning that those files are gone.  I always push run cleaner because I know I don’t need that stuff anyway.

    Are you ready to engage the gospel in this way?  You will only lose what you don’t need and free up space for life.

Happy Father's Day!

 Happy Father’s Day, Dads!!

   The impact of fathers and mothers upon the lives of children is beyond calculation.  The breakdown of family in our society is the second major reason for the social chaos we are seeing in the structure of America.  I mean second to the forsaking of God by both institutions and individuals.  Obviously, the latter contributes to the former in that people place themselves as most important.  In doing so, self-denial and devotion to the will of God is forsaken, resulting in breakdown in all other relationships, especially marriage.  Ask any teacher or worker in the public schools how many students are adversely affected by the family breakdown and they will tell you nearly 100%.  It’s hard even with an intact family, dedicated to serving God, trying to navigate this life!

   So dads, today I implore you to do two things.  Love your wives.  There is no greater blessing or security for your children and family as a whole, than for you to love your wives.  The Bible says that failure to live with our wives with love and understanding, results in the hindering of your prayers.

   Secondly, spend time with your kids.  Often it’s the dad who is less responsive to conversation.  Don’t be that dad.  Likewise, as children get older, they tend to recluse to devices and are less responsive.  The only key is time, some planning, such as going out for ice cream or something personal, face to face, just for a short while.  The attention you give will never be forgotten, even if there is no “thank you” right away.

   Finally, don’t judge God the Father by the standard of your own father or your own effectiveness as a dad.  Your Father in heaven knows every hair on your head and your every need.  Trust Him and seek to be like Him. 

The Assault On Truth

The assault on the truth began before the creation of the cosmos.  At some time in the ancient past, before time was, there was a rebellion in the realm of the angels.  An assault on the truth that began when one of God’s glorious creatures lied to himself, thinking he could ascend to the place of God and be worshipped, at least as an equal, perhaps even more superior.

   This point of truth is where every battle rages from that point to the present.  It is an issue of who God is and whether or not His creation will accept and submit or refuse and rebel.  The multiple ways this plays out in everyday life only indicates how this assault on truth continues to proliferate throughout the ages.

   God has always worked to counter this attack.  He is by no means under any threat of being disposed of His position!  His authority over all creation, including the rebellious spiritual forces, is without rival.  His efforts to counter the attack on truth is His grace and kindness in action for the benefit of those who repent of their unbelief and turn to Him in faith.  The result is salvation for their souls.

God chose two means by which He repels the assault. His spoken word, which has been copied into print for us to have, hold and study. We call it the Bible, the revelation of His plan of redemption in light of history and the future. The second is His incarnate Word, Jesus Christ our Lord. He is the ultimate expression of truth in spoken words, in character and conduct. John said, “We beheld Him, the only Begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth.”

For us as God’s people, we must cling unashamedly to the fact that there is only One God, who is in all, over all and through all. That He has revealed Himself to us, and will save to sustain everyone who abides in loving trust. To God be the glory forever and ever! Amen

Why is Temptation Tempting?

Why is temptation tempting?  Everyone deals with temptation from time to time and those who are habitually engaged in some kind of vice or sin, temptation seems irresistible.

   James 1:14 tells us why.  “Each one is tempted when he is drawn away by his own desires and enticed.”  NKJV

   “Temptation comes from our own desires, which entice us and drag us away.”  NLT

   Where are the desires coming from?  They already exist in each person.  Temptation is simply seeking to look into what already is there.  So how do we deal with temptation?  Are we helpless?  Is this just nature taking its course?

   God promises to bless people who endure under trial, who don’t give into temptations.  So there is an expectation from God’s perspective that we can and should prevail when we are tempted.  We are neither helpless, nor destined to failure.  The key to overcoming is to develop what you desire most.  If we desire God and His pleasure more than what we desire, we will prevail.  Ultimately, it is a battle for what we love and cherish the most.  It is how we are wired.  To be a moral creature, to have ability to make choices, involves having the ability to value our options.  This is why the Bible equates the Law with loving God and loving our neighbor as ourselves.  Rules are not the issue, what you love is.  If you love your pleasure or your comfort more than God or your fellow man, you will side against all others to have your way. 

   Conversely, if your desire is for your God and Savior and His pleasure and glory mean the most to you, you will obey and prevail against temptation to sin. 

   It’s all about love – and more specifically, who or what you love most.  God is holy because He loves perfectly. 

   We can be holy, as well as, when we refine our desires in Christ.


My Grace Is Sufficient For You

   “My grace is sufficient, for My strength is perfected in your weakness.”

 2 Corinthians 12:9

   This verse was written by Paul letting his readers know how God answered his prayer regarding a tormenting issue.  Some kind of suffering, attributed to the devil himself, was troubling Paul.  This man who had exorcised demons was now the target of Satanic attack.  Three times Paul asked for God’s intervention, to finally be told, “My grace is sufficient for you…”  Grace to endure, grace to continue in spirit of the suffering that he was experiencing. 

   About a month ago I began feeling numbness in my lower jaw, chin and irritation in my scalp on the left side of my head only.

  Seeing a doctor the next day, I was diagnosed with an infection in the nerves of my face.  Similar to shingles, it attacked the tri-facial nerve that branches over the front side of my head and face.  I took several medications that seem to have helped the skin rash, yet the pain continues.  I have asked for healing, I have also consulted the internet.  It may or may not stop hurting.  There is not a definitive word on the duration.

   I am not complaining, as many of you reading this have battled things far worse and more enduring.  I have always felt empathy for you but could not relate to such things with the exception of old age in my knees and back.  This experience is giving me a new appreciation for things that may be the way it is for long while.  

   “My grace is sufficient,” has to be just that for all of us, regardless of our health or life situation.  I believe God can heal, provide abundance in finances or in spiritual depth.  I believe He is Lord and I am not.  My prayer is that I shall always be faithful, fruitful and in favor with God.

Easter Forever!!!

EASTER FOREVER!!  The resurrection story is not a once a year thing for Christians, it is every day and celebrated every week of the year.  The first day of the week Jesus rose from the grave.  He had completed the work of redemption by dying on the cross, and rested on the Sabbath.  He uttered those wonderful words, “It is finished.”  He rested, just as He did at the end of the creation week in Genesis.  In six days God created and on the seventh day God rested from all His works.  The resurrection announced a whole new day.  The work of creation and the work of redemption all completed.  Today is the new day and we celebrate every day with new life in Jesus.

   The work that is going on now is the work of Christ through His Church.  Our part is the proclamation of this finished work of redemption and the new day of life through the Son.  Yet there is another day coming as well.  It is called “The Day of the Lord” and that day brings an end to the proclamation of the gospel.  The Day of the Lord will bring the judgment of God upon the earth and all those who have done evil and remained in unbelief.  The fallen angels and fallen man that have not repented of their sin and become followers of Jesus, will all face the eternal consequence of their sin.  That day is fast approaching.

   While it is still the day of redemption, remember the risen Christ and be devoted to His life in you.  Give yourself to faithfulness in prayer and proclamation and rejoice in the empty tomb.  Be grateful that bunnies and eggs come and go, but the power of the Risen Lord abides continually each and every day.  Until that great Day of the Lord, look up for your resurrection is drawing near. 

   Maranatha! Even so, come Lord Jesus!!!

You Can Do Nothing and Nothing Means Nothing.

There are many people who are trying to succeed in life.  This begs two questions; first, what is success?  And second, what is the goal?  What are people aiming at?

   The second question is as diverse as the people you ask.  It has different assumptions based upon culture and age.  Older folks want to succeed at either cheating death or to avoid being lonely.  Middle aged people want financial security and career fulfillment.  Younger folks want to experience all they can out of life and to have meaning in who they are and what they do.  To feel like they are making a difference.  This second question is more important than the first because it defines the success one seeks.

   What is success for a Christian?  Is it to master the Scriptures or to be an effective soul winner?  Perhaps to be a productive member of the church and society, making a difference or perhaps leaving a legacy.

   The one thing that matters most is whether or not we attain to success in what God has established as the goal.  Just what is God’s agenda or standard?

   It really isn’t in the faithfulness of attendance or consistency in tithing, nor is it how many converts we can name.  It is not in how we advance the church by our service.  The true goal of every believer is to know God intimately.  Jesus said, “Unless you abide in Me, you can do nothing.”  Nothing means nothing.

   There are many things people can do by sheer initiative, ingenuity and hard work.  Yet it will produce nothing that matters to God.  Success in the Christian life is not measured in achievement nor accomplishment.  True success in measured in the fruit that results from abiding in Him.  This fruit actually remains, according to the Lord.  Yet, abiding in Him may prove to be the most challenging thing we will ever do.

What is Your Source?

As I write this installment of “Thoughts,” it is April 1st.  I got taken in by an article that stated New England Patriots quarterback, Tom Brady, had been traded to San Francisco.  I was totally taken in until the very last line in the story by Coach Shanahan, “If you think this trade is real, check your calendar.”   

   Sadly, I was easily taken in because I trusted the source.  Big mistake on my part.  Yet, I like a million of people, was taken in by an apparent story that was a hoax.  I suppose part of my interest in the story was for our good Patriot fan and associate pastor, Cliff.  But I was taken in.

   This illustrates the importance of sources for what we accept as truthful.  Frankly, I have little trust for any major news source and zero trust for the mainstream.  There was a time when journalism was key to our nation’s ability to make judgments.  They were America’s conscience, watchdogs that had a chance to square off with government to keep people accountable.  Not that there have never been biases, the fact is, there have been biases from the beginning of this country.

   The ultimate leverage of the American people was a basic knowledge of the Bible and the basis for right and wrong as given by the Ten Commandments.  Even journalists had some conscience in not spouting blatant lies.  The public also had a moral compass in which to judge the values and character of its leaders.  Yet, since the days of Richard Nixon, those standards have all but disappeared. 

   This countries leaders and power people want no God.  The general public concurs as they are incessantly taught there is no God of consequences.  So on this April Fools Day, I lament that we are a country of fools indeed. 

   I do not give up hope, however, for God is alive and well .  HE is not done with any of us yet!

Taking Steps to Scale the Mountain

The things people can do is astounding!  When a person has the combination of mind and body and potential, it seems that nothing is impossible. 

   Patty and I watched a documentary called “Free Solo” about a professional rock climber named Alex Hommold who was the first person to successfully climb the face El Captain in Yosemite National Park.  Free Solo means it was done entirely without ropes or safety gear, not even a parachute.  El Captain is 3,000 feet of granite wall.  Hommold did it in just under four hours.  Others will likely follow and likely die in the attempt.

   It took Hommold eight years to prepare, train, map the rock and get his mental faculties ready for the attempt.  Olympians are similar with years of training and mental preparations are needed to succeed.  Professional athletes, magicians, musicians and the like, devote their entire person to the mastering of their craft and yet, not always achieving their goals. 

   Watching Hommold describe himself and his journey was intriguing.  His whole life was wrapped up into that one feat.  Now that it was over, he is contemplating what is next.  For the time being, he is doing lots of smaller climbs to stay physically in shape.  He also has a foundation that supports solar energy entities in third world countries to provide infrastructure needs to those who literally have no access to electricity.

   My point is that these kind of people are rare, and exceptional.  Yet we as believers have such a higher purpose.  Can we begin to take “little” climbs toward the great goal of completing the Great Commission?  Perhaps just one conversation a week, an invitation to something or to hand out a tract.  Simple climbs, simple steps that might in time result in scaling the impossible.