Our Mission:
To Inspire Faith in Jesus Christ by Loving God and Loving People.

Christian Missionary Alliance Church, Heritage Alliance Church

Ministry Opportunites

Small Groups
The life blood of the church is community. Community is when people live out life together by sharing common experiences, worship, pray and learn together. It is a place to support one another through life's challenges. Our small groups are led by regular people who have a simple passion for Christ and His word, and long to bring people together.
Some of our groups are intergenerational where children participate with adults in community.
Our small groups are where service is also generated and applied. Each group takes an area of ministry in the community and serves alongside one another in trying to meets various needs of our city.
Junior Celebration
Children are simply precious, and need to belong. Our Junior Celebration brings children together in age appropriate settings to experience worship, Bible teaching, and community with both peers and adults. We have exciting curriculum that holds the interest of the child as gives solid Biblical teaching with practical applications.
Youth Groups
We have groups for both Middle School and Senior High school students. We model after community, with an emphasis on Bible teaching and small group interaction. Activities to help build community as well as opportunities for summer camping and short-term missions experiences.
Worship Team
Opportunity for service in our worship service is open to any with the skill and heart to worship God. Musicians, singers, media and sound engineering are all used to help promote an atmosphere conducive to the exaltation of the Triune God.
Missions - Short Term Opportunities
"Missions exists because worship doesn't," said John Piper. As a missional church, we are committed to the spreading of the gospel through various avenues. We are a member church of the Christian and Missionary Alliance, and participate fully in the world wide endeavors of our denomination. We also sponsor various short-term mission opportunities for people to be actively engaged in Great Commission ministries.